In the process of planning...

In October and November I will be doing two more of these sessions, dates to be confirmed. I was trying to do more of these but didn't get there...2017 has been a hard year, personally and professionally.

October 28th

November 25th

Have been confirmed, please contact me for details...Dates for 2018 are in preparation...I hope to have everything sorted by October for the first half of 2018!

January 20th, March 10th and May 5th 2018 are currently in the process of being confirmed...

From 2018 I will be offering regular sessions in London. Dates to be confirmed. As well as that the Saturday dates will take place 6-8 times from 2018. 

The two sessions will be 2 hours long and take place on Saturdays or Sundays...

11.00-1.00 Wu Tai Chi Long Form

2.00-16.00 Ba Gua

Cost £30 per 2 hours

For further information drop me a line.

Further to the above: the Wu Tai Chi session will be first, Ba Gua second. A break of one hour will happen in between.